Thursday, August 07, 2008

Summer has eaten my lunch

In spite of the fact that I deliver a talk, called “Happily Ever After: Balancing Expectations and Reality in Marriage,” I still struggle with VERY HIGH expectations.

I expect a lot from my husband, who occasionally feels the need to remind me that he’s not so bad. (Bret is great—more than I could have every hoped for in a husband!) I expect too much out of my kids, frustrating them sometimes with my clean it up, put it up—and did I mention the fact I want it done now?! I expect too much of myself, which simply means I have stress that settles in my shoulders and across my neck and back. Ouch! (Reminds me, I need to make a chiropractor appointment!)

All that to say that I expected to accomplish massive amounts of work this summer! I envisioned a gigantic TO DO list with efficient checks marking off boxes of the tasks I’d completed, including:
*cleaning out/organizing drawers/cabinets in my kitchen and common areas (done),
*moving my office back downstairs to the big room (done),
*sending out bi-weekly e-zines (Ha—not even close!),
*submitting the Mommy, the Witch with the Wardrobe book proposal to various agents (not done),
*getting a huge jump on Promise Makers and Girlz-4-God (semi-done),
*setting up tons of speaking engagements (semi-done, still have a lot to go on this one)
*spending quantity and quality time with my kids (semi-done, better than many things)
*blogging regularly . . .

As you can tell from the long-ago date of my next most recent blog post, I’ve fallen down badly on this task. However, I did get to watch my son strike out several hitters in the baseball world series in Round Rock, Texas in July. I got to listen as my daughter recounted the story of a little boy getting saved on her first-ever mission trip to Arlington, Texas. I enjoyed numerous conversations with my oldest son about his plans for his senior year of highs school and beyond. I dated my husband, browsing through Lowe’s dreaming up new home improvement projects or watching season 6 of the show 24.

If I had to let something go, I guess it’s best it was the blog.

But here’s to more frequent postings now that we’re moving closer to the start of school.


Holly said...

Hi, Leslie, I've been blog-adventuring this evening and came across your post; it made me laugh. I've figured out how to work list like this: I change the title from "what I'm going to do this summer" to "my life list." Thanks for the smiles! -- Holly Schurter said...

I was just wandering through and found your blog. What a breath of fresh air you are!!!

While I'm here:

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Livetalkradio said...

To me you are not asking for to much. What kids don't understand is that we are just preparing them for the real world.

Take care

Heather said...
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Heather said...

Please email me! I have a question about your blog! :)