Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Hernia watch!

So I carried in a double armload of things from the car Saturday evening after my daughter Molly's cheer competition. After all, a mom--who's had nothing to do except sit all day waiting for the three-minute thrill of watching her daughter's team compete in the National Cheerleader Association's National Competition--wouldn't want to make two trips from the car to the house, duplicating the 20 paces!

As I walked up the steps, I felt some power go out of me, similar to the time the critically ill woman touched the edge of Jesus's garment as He wandered through the crowds. After I entered the house, I dropped my complete load of bags, jackets, blankets, snacks and water bottles and doubled over in pain.

After anti-inflammatories and muscle relaxers did their thing, I felt somewhat human again and slept through the night. Morning brought more pain that I've managed to fight through and live with until I can get in to see my favorite doc, R. Bellinger. We've scheduled tea for Wednesday afternoon at 4 o'clock, so I have only to wince, grimmace, and otherwise annoy various family members--particularly my dh Bret who insists I should be able to drop everything and rest until my appointment.

Meanwhile, my mind wanders to various reasons for my pain. Maybe I swallowed a marble. Maybe I have an alien inside me trying to get out. Maybe--in spite of a vasectomy (his) PLUS an endometrial ablasion (mine)--God has managed another miracle of conception. Maybe I pulled a muscle doing my 1,000 sit-ups a day. Oh, ouch! It really hurts to laugh.

Here's to all you Real Moms out there who overdo--just like I do! I'll keep you posted on my Hernia Watch.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Hope you all had a lovely Valentine's Day! That being said, remember, it's not about how you treat your mate on Valentine's but, rather, how you treat that person the other 364 days of the year.

Quickly, some exciting news. Rockwall's own, Jason Castro, made it to the Top 24 on American Idol--not that I pay that much attention to reality television . . . Ha! Our family always watches Idol, especially the audition weeks. Back to Jason. He's the one with the long dreadlocks that--if you didn't blink--you might have seen on a few audition shows. (Unfortunately, his talent has yet to be showcased.) Jason plays and sings regularly at our home church, Lake Pointe in Rockwall, and his talent oozes out of every pore. Plus, he's just a good kid who chooses to honor Christ in all he does. His mom, Betsy, and I have been on several ladies' retreats together; pray for her also during the upcoming weeks.

Finally, please, please vote for him when the time comes. It's J-a-s-o-n C-a-s-t-r-o!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Rotary Speech Today

It's me (or is it "I"?) again. But, then, who else would it be? Welcome or welcome back. Thanks for visiting. I've got a quite a few thoughts rolling around in my head this morning, and I'd better type a few buzzword reminders or I'll forget before I finish this paragraph (Rotary speech today, prostate problems, e-zine final touches, Blue Canyon dinner last night, Molly's "retro" Valentine, Charlie's independence, the traveling 'rents, late workout, and NCA). Whew!

I deliver a speech at noon today to a different kind of audience for me. Usually I stand in front of young mommies (at MOPS or Early Childhood PTAs or Mothers of Multiples) who may or may not be listening, depending on how badly they need a nap! But today I enter the lion's den--my husband's Rotary Club. Though the group boasts approximately one-quarter of its membership as female, the majority happens to be men. Middle-aged--though they still think of themselves as young--professionals who use the weekly lunch out as their opportunity to tease one another, delivering one sarcastic zinger after another. Oh, and did I mention, their favorite pasttime is heckling speakers. I'm offering the requisite marriage talk--with it being Valentine's Day and all, but my dh Bret insisted I steer clear of anything resembling seriousness and stick to the humorous side or I'd be toast. So I've settled on the differences between men and women. Yes, I'm perpetuating stereotypes, likely demeaning both sexes before it's all said and done, but hey, you don't know these guys. They're ruthless.

One of the stories I'll share is straight from a friend whose husband encountered prostate problems. Upon a visit to the specialist, the doctor told my friend's husband, whom I'll call Bob, that he needed a sexual release every 48-72 hours or he could be looking at some serious prostate problems and possible surgery.

Bob calculated the numbers in his head and bug-eyed responded, "But that's every two to three DAYS!" After the doctor nodded, Bob said, "Well, I'm gonna need a prescription for that."

Though funny, the underlying point of his comment makes me a bit sad for all the husbands out there. After all, Willard Harley and other experts conclude that sexual fulfillment isn't just a "want" for men, it's a "need." If pinned down, I bet most of us would admit we struggle to understand (let alone meet) that need. Hmmm, let's get back to that one later.

Well, I'd better get back to work. I still need to finish that speech. More later.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

First Blog Post EVER! Mary and D'Ann, Please don't laugh, but here's my first blog post. I'm nervous enough about keeping up with this, so I hereby give you permission to knock me upside the head--or tickle me--if I fall more than two weeks--er, better make that a month behind. As you know this is a big step. I've resisted moving into the blogosphere for many reasons.

#1: I'm paranoid no one will read my blog! A little part of me has always dreaded the notion of giving a party that no one comes to--and blogging could be just like that. Promise me you'll stop by frequently.

#2: I'm nervous about change. I haven't always been like that, but in pondering the notion, I think my stroke might have something to do with it. Being less sure of myself--my cognitive abilities, anyway--slows me from tackling new areas in life. I've taken on almost nothing new since 2004 except for areas I've been "forced" into--becoming a cheer mom, teaching Girlz-4-God. I love both of these now that I've gotten used to them.

#3: I'm afraid I won't be able to keep up with it the way my firstborn, choleric personality would like. Never content to do something halfway (Can you say re-typing the whole page of the English essay instead of using Whiteout?!?), I'd cringe if I got behind, had typos, or failed my reader(s) in any way.

#4: I have difficulty learning new things. OK, that may not be entirely true. I'm able to learn about things I love (my husband and his work, my kids and their pursuits, researching for speeches and articles). So maybe what I fear with blogging is that I won't fall passionately in love with it and therefore find it easy to keep up with regular postings.

#5: I'm busy. I know that's not a good one because everyone's busy with life. I just don't want to be too busy to do this well. (See #3.)

Whew! I feel better just getting all that off my chest. And you know what dawned on me as I got to #5? The reason I'm paranoid, nervous, afraid, have difficulty and am so busy is because I try to hard to do things under my own power. I need to yield this area--as with all others--to the Holy Spirit and trust Him to take away said paranoia, nervousness, fear, stress and busy-ness.

All that to say, thanks for "listening" and supporting this new endeavor.
Stay real!